Do you know HOW to lose weight,

yet can’t seem to DO it?

Are you successful in many areas of your life, but feel embarrassed about not being able to attain the shape that you desire?

I will work with you personally, supporting and guiding you through the process of weight loss with your needs, wants and timing in mind.


Jamie Davidson, M.S.

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Take A New Approach

As a former overweight person, I understand your desperation, your utter frustration that you are still heavier than you want to be despite your many efforts to lose weight. I understand your reluctance to attend gatherings or functions for fear that others will judge you for “putting on a few pounds”. I understand your exasperation with utterly wanting something SO badly and for  it to be seemingly out of  your reach. It might be time for you to Take a New Approach.
What would it be like to feel excited about how you look and feel? To have the experience of  going shopping and seeing yourself in the 3-way mirror and wondering if that trim person is really you?
Imagine the confidence you will have knowing you’ve made good food and exercise choices instead of feeling guilty that, yet again, you succumbed to eating food that you didn’t intend to, and that despite making plans to exercise,  you just didn’t get around to it again? I’ve been unhappily overweight by 50 pounds and now I sometimes look in the 3-way mirror and am amazed at the transformation. 

I am so much happier having learned the tools, strategies and lessons I now help my clients acquire through my “What Works” Weight Loss program so that they too can be amazed at their own transformations. “What Works”™ Weight Loss program is designed to introduce you to the successful skills, behaviors and attitudes of those who have achieved permanent weight loss. I will work with you personally, supporting and guiding you through the process of weight loss with your needs, wants and  lifestyle in mind.  I don’t believe in “diets” but in making choices that will become part of your more slender and healthier self.

How to Know If This Is For You

1. Have you tried almost every diet and program out there without long-term success and you’re now ready to let go of diet’s accompanying failure cycle and learn new strategies and tools allowing you to adopt  a doable meal and movement plan that will help you finally look and feel your best?

2. Do you realize that there is no magic when it comes to weight loss- no pills, no potions, no diet, no regimented exercise regimes, etc., that will take your excess weight off quickly and permanently no matter the promise or how much money you spend on it?

3. Are you ready for personal assistance that will take into account You personally-your lifestyle, habits and preferences?

For more help with this decision, read my blog, 7 Reasons to Hire a Weight Loss Coach


What Types of Services Are Available?

Individual Single Session: This is a 60-minute consultation where you will learn the basics of what you need nutrition- and exercise-wise to maintain your weight or to lose 1/2 or up to 2 pounds a week. This is designed for the self-motivated individual who wants basic nutritional and exercise information  so they can have a target to shoot for. Cost: $90.00

10-Week Session: We will meet weekly for 10 weeks face-to-face (or over the phone) where you will learn and practice how to deal with the behavioral, emotional, physical, environmental and habitual aspects of your weight loss struggles.  At the end of each session you will tell me what you what reasonable doable behavior you would like to be accountable for the following week. We start small so that you will be assured of success. After the 10 weeks, clients can sign up for another 10 sessions or can opt to meet per session to continue to lose or maintain with support. Cost: $90.00 per session or if paid in total the first session, $850.00


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