7 Reasons to Hire a Weight Loss Coach

by jamie on July 8, 2013

7 Reasons to Hire a Weight Loss Coach

“I know HOW to lose the weight, how come I just can’t DO it?” Virtually every client seeking permanent weight loss I have worked with has uttered those words of frustration within the first few minutes of our conversation. They are women and men who are REALLY good at so many things and yet, this one area of their lives eludes them. Take this 7 Reasons to Hire a Weight Loss Coach to see if you could benefit from working with a weight loss coach.

The weight loss industry is a 60 billion dollar industry full of amazing promises yet the only thing that really works to keep weight off is to change our eating and exercise habits, our mindsets – thus our lifestyles.

I have put together a list of reasons an overweight person might want to avail themselves of a weight loss/management coach or health professional:

1. You are not getting the results you want. You have tried many different ways to lose weight and while you might have lost weight initially, you most likely put those pounds back on again. After several attempts to lose weight, you have become frustrated and discouraged. You know what you want but you haven’t yet figured out a way to get there by yourself.

I understand your frustration and will direct our efforts to what YOU specifically need vs. a one-size-fits-all diet or diet program approach of which you have most likely tried many.

2. You have a health problem that would be greatly improved if you lost weight. You understand the relationship between your extra pounds and your high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose, inflammation, insulin resistance, joint problems, heart disease, depression, etc., etc.  and you are motivated to figure out a way to drop those extra pounds so you can be healthier.

I have been in the field of health promotion, fitness, cardiac rehab, nutrition and weight management over 30 years and will work with you so that you can reap the benefits of being as healthy and fit as possible. I will direct you towards new recipes and teach you how you can prepare healthy meals and yet spend very little time in the kitchen as well as give you tools to make good choices while eating out.

3. You aren’t sure exactly why you are overweight. You’ve done what you believe to be the things that should help you lose weight but you aren’t losing. You might be surprised that some of the things you are doing are actually hurting your efforts to become healthier and trimmer.  For instance, many of my overweight clients initially were not eating enough during the day because they were “saving” their calories for the end of the day. They would come home starving and eat way more than they had planned to.

I will help you assess why you are overweight and together we will make a plan that you will be able to live with so that you can look great in your smaller-size clothes that are hanging in your closet as well as feel much better.

4. You have a desire but not a specific plan. You know you want to look and feel better but you aren’t sure what will work for you. You’ve tried cutting back or drinking more water, walking on a regular basis, etc., but those things don’t seem to be working. You might even be confused as to what you are suppose to be doing, as everyday some expert has another idea that is sure to be “the answer” to weight loss.

I can help you discover what will work for you and will help you make a measurable and reasonable plan of action as well as help you stay motivated as you continue to improve. Can you imagine knowing your daily target ranges for each…calories, grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates you personally need and the difference that could make to you in terms of making some changes in your diet and shape? You would have a target to shoot for instead of shooting for something vague and hoping you hit it.

5. You blame yourself for not following through, yet again. Most “dieters” begin their efforts with focus, desire and promises but have trouble following through when their lives get out of balance or they are triggered and then fall back into old habits. Then they blame themselves and get stuck in a failure syndrome.

I will help you learn how to recognize and get out of the failure syndrome and help you to set up reasonable short-term and long-term goals that will be satisfying to you. I will hold you accountable and encourage you while you are learning to make healthier choices more often. I will help you recognize the obstacles keeping you from what you want and help you navigate through and around them.

6. You lack support in your efforts to lose weight. Perhaps your friends, family and co-workers are not willing to make the effort to support you in your wish to be healthier and trimmer. Or, they like you just the way you are and don’t see a need for you to change. I will provide support, tools, education, encouragement and guidance in your weight loss transformation and will help you create environments where you can get the support you want and need to follow through with your healthy habits.

7. You are ready to take action and are willing to commit the time, energy and finances to make a difference in your life. You are sick and tired of being overweight and recognize that it’s time to get some help. You are ready to invest your time, energy and finances in your health and well-being.

Good coaches (of any sort) help people  do things differently or better than they normally would on their own, in order to get something they want. Check out what my clients have said about our work together. I have lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for years and know some of the struggles you are going through. I can help you get back in control of your life. When you are ready to take action, give me a call and we can talk about how we can work together to help you get what you want: 925-817-8073.         


  Check out my “What Works Weight Loss” program on my website, then contact me to see how I can help you with your transformation also.

Jamie fencepicture2 Davidson, M.S. is a weight management and healthy lifestyle coach who also teaches busy people how to eat well conveniently with her “Quick and Healthy Meals from Costco and Trader Joe’s” classes and seminars as well as her healthy Trader Joe’s cookbooks and healthy crock pot cookbook. 


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