by jamie on June 10, 2015

kitchen1kitchen2   I love the HGTV shows that transform houses from dilapidated and sometimes unlivable homes to gorgeous dwellings. (My favorite is “Love it or List it”). Don’t we all love seeing the pictures of the “befores” and “afters” of a home (or anything for that matter) that was out-dated, not working and/or dull transformed into something beautiful, energizing and perhaps more useful?

These past several weeks I have been working to prepare my childhood home for sale. The multi-colored brown carpet purchased to hide dirt that was covering the now gorgeously refinished hardwood floors was over 30 years old. I had replaced the dishwasher and had a tile floor installed in the kitchen last year but the cabinets were original to the 1961 construction of the home. You can see them in the photo above.

The process of cleaning out, scrubbing, refinishing, painting, updating, weeding, repairing and scouting the aisles finding what I needed at Home Depot was an incredibly arduous process, not to mention battling the hundreds of flies from the recently deserted horse barn that converged upon the house and garage while we were trying to work.

It’s a good thing I had no idea how much work and time it actually ended up taking or I might have accepted an early low-priced offer to purchase the house and property “as is”. I was not aware of how my life would become focused almost solely on this project, being the first thing I thought of in the morning; rearranging my life and work so that I could coordinate and accommodate the schedules of the handyman, floor refinisher, painter and other helpers as well as figuring out how to feed myself lunch and dinner during this process.

What I have realized by going through this intense process in a very personal and profound way is that transformation takes an investment of time, energy, focus, passion, coordination, financial resources and support. We can’t expect transformation without them.

kitchen4 When I work with my weight management clients who are seeking permanent weight loss, I am always inspired by how well they are able to align themselves with new habits and ways of thinking that help them achieve their goals of being healthier and slimmer.

When they reach the point of wanting to change their lifestyles instead of just wanting to go on a diet, they are ready to invest the time, energy and financial resources into making the changes they need to make so that they can feel better and are able to get into their smaller-size clothes again. Some also have profound health changes as they are relieved of heartburn, high blood pressure, diabetes symptoms, high cholesterol, etc., which is very exciting and rewarding.

Just like the kitchen transformation shown here, those ready to invest in their own transformation can have results that are truly amazing!

kitchen3Are you ready to invest in your own transformation? Do you have a health problem that could be reduced or eliminated by making some lifestyle changes?

I don’t believe in giving one-size-fits all diets and each client gets a totally customized program suited to their individual needs and wants.

Check out my “What Works Weight Loss” program on my website, then contact me to see how I can help you transform too. Jamie Davidson, M.S. is a weight management and healthy lifestyle coach who also teaches busy people how to eat well conveniently with her “Quick and Healthy Meals from Costco and Trader Joe’s” classes and seminars as well as her healthy Trader Joe’s cookbooks and healthy crock pot cookbook.


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