Healthy Gift Ideas

by jamie on December 4, 2015

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Have an active and healthy person on your gift list and are stumped as to what to get them for Christmas or other holiday gift-giving celebrations? Or, do you want to encourage someone who has expressed interest in becoming healthier and you need some good  ideas for a gift for them? You’ve come to the right place for some fabulous Healthy Gift Ideas.

Below are some suggestions (from do-it-yourself to lavish) for gifts for the holidays and beyond that those on your gift list might appreciate.

You might even want to add some of these to your wish list!

  Healthy Gift Ideas

• Free gym membership passes to see which gym they prefer and a month or two of their choice after they have made a decision as to which one they prefer

• CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area

• Organic vegetable box delivered weekly (check in your area for specific companies)

• Massage gift card (single massage or more)

• Foot massage and reflexology session

• Indoor exercise bicycle and videos for workouts

• iTunes card for music to walk or run to

• Workout DVDs (Collage Video)

• Parking pass for area to walk that requires paid parking (locally, Lafayette Reservoir)

• Gift certificates for your local Farmer’s market

• Healthy cooking classes offered by local park, recreation departments or adult education programs or privately

• Line dance or other dance classes offered by local park and recreation departments, adult ed programs or community colleges

• Walking tours of local cities

• Snow shoe, ski or x-country ski weekend

•Gift certificate for natural or health food store

Healthy Trader Joe’s cookbooks

• Elliptical or other exercise equipment (My husband and I bought a used one for each other for Christmas a few years ago and we are both still using it and loving it!)

• Chlorine filter for a shower head

• Water purifier

• House plants to create more oxygen

• Journal to jot down daily blessings

• Hat, gloves and scarf for walking in the cold

• Rain gear for walking in the rain

• New running/walking shoes

• Hiking boots and socks

• Hiking passes and trail maps (locally, East Bay MUD, available online)

• Private and group dance lessons

• A month’s worth of healthy meals for the freezer

• Membership to local hiking/walking associations/clubs (check park and recreation departments for information)

• Container garden kit

• Calming or energizing music – you can record them yourself or purchase

• Meditation CDs

• Session with home organizer to help de-clutter – or purchase “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo

• A note letting someone know how very much you appreciate them for who they are and how much they mean to you (raises your and their serotonin levels)

• Massage chair

• Beautiful salad bowl and servers

• A chef’s knife and sharpening steel for cutting up lots of vegetables (and maybe a wooden cutting board)

• An assortment of organic teas/coffees or teeccino (herbal coffee)

• A gift certificate to a store that sells organic vegetables and fruit

• Exercise wear for exercise classes

• Make-over session with clothing/make up and hair

• Closet cleaning/organizing with clothing consultant

• Session with a life coach

• A January retreat program to set the intent for the New Year




  • Two sets of Wearhaus headphones so two people walking can share music
  • A complimentary weight management coaching session with me
  • Fit Bit or other fitness tracking device
  • Juicer or power blender
  • A Spa week away
  • Crock Pot and healthy crock pot cookbook
  • A monthly membership to a Barre or Yoga studio
  • Babysit for a family member or friend so they can exercise regularly
  • A gift basket full of healthy Trader Joe’s products and cookbooks. basket                                                                         Books are also available on Amazon.
  • Healthy skin care products
  • Bathing suit for a vacation trip to somewhere warm
  • Herbal facial
  • Hiking poles
  • Snowshoes or cross-country skis
  • Gift certificate to healthy restaurant
  • Gift card for healthy restaurant
  • Private healthy chef for a month
  • A weekend retreat in their favorite healthy place
  • Monthly or bi-monthly cleaning service that uses healthy products


Copyright Jamie Davidson 2017

I hope that you got some ideas or that some of them sparked other ideas of what you would like to give someone on your list.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Please let me know some of your good ideas for healthy gifts.




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